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Cost-effective hazardous waste disposal process.

The stabilisation process, which forms the basis for the EnviroMix® technology, is a globally recognised technology, offering outstanding results in chemical fixation and stabilisation of hazardous waste. In the course of physico-chemical processing of waste, the predefined components are used to cause specific chemical reactions, which change its chemical properties and physical parameters, with supporting usage of several physical phenomena. This type of stabilisation is documented by research of independent universities and meets regulatory requirements in many countries. This process is used in industry to process thousands of tons of contaminated soil, sludge, mine spoil and industrial process by-products.

The EnviroMix® process may be used to neutralise contaminated soil, sludge and other solid waste containing both organic, as well as inorganic and mineral compounds. The process offers excellent efficiency, also with regard to removal of heavy metals, halogen-organic pesticides, cyanides, PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) and benzopyrene.

EnviroMix® process is a cost-efficient and reliable single-stage processing method, used to stabilise various types of contaminants. This technology is even more interesting in view of the increasing strictness of EU regulations within scope of neutralisation and depositing of hazardous and industrial waste. These regulations require neutralisation, and if possible – recycling of waste before it is deposited.

EnviroMix® is recognised as a leading process of fixation and stabilisation of many types of hazardous waste and a breakthrough in neutralisation of such waste. Usage of EnviroMix® to stabilise hazardous waste is many times more effective than today’s widely used methods of stabilisation based on usage of Portland cement. The key distinguishing feature of our company’s technology is a dramatic reduction of the demand for stabilising material per unit mass of waste.

Owing to the specific contaminant-fixation properties of magnesium compounds, the EnviroMix® technology is resistant to washing away the contaminants, which appears over time in waste stabilised using Portland cement.

EnviroMix® technology
The Chemical Fixation and Solidification – CFS technologies are well developed methods used in the process of stabilisation of hazardous waste. Until today, a number of CFS technologies have been used in the process of immobilisation (fixation) of various types of organic and inorganic compounds.

The EnviroMix® process is currently being classified as one of technologies for chemical fixation and solidification (CFS). The EnviroMix® material is based on magnesium oxide. It is prepared in a patented process, from dolomite or magnesite with high contents of magnesium carbonate. The resulting material is disintegrated, properly calcinated (roasted) and prepared, depending on the individual flow of waste to be neutralised. This process is based on immobilisation of heavy metals as thermodynamically stable phases of minerals, and micro-encapsulation of organic contaminants in mineral structures. EnviroMix® mineralisation is based on catalytic reactions with usage of proper additives. The catalytic reaction results in three-dimensional polimerisation of a synthetic mineral matrix, which imitates structures met in natural environment. The resultant contaminants are later solidified in a rigid matrix, characterised by high compression strength.

The EnviroMix® process provides an effective solution of problems with many types of hazardous waste, originating from various branches of industry, such as: mining, metallurgy, production plants and post-industrial areas. Owing to individual optimisation for particular materials, this technology features a broad range of applications in neutralisation of both organic, as well as inorganic waste, and in particular various types of hazardous waste, regardless of the type and degree of contamination.

The high efficiency and effectiveness of this process is evidenced by the fact that stabilisation of solid waste for hydration can be achieved using high saline post-process waters or hydrated preliminary sediments from the wastewater treatment plant, containing e.g. heavy metals.

The EnviroMix® process may be classified, on the basis of Client requirements and further assignation of waste, e.g. as D16 neutralisation or R14 or R15 reclamation process.
Efficiency of EnviroMix®
Efficient management of hazardous waste results in a reduction of the quantity of toxic substances penetrating to the environment. The efficiency of this technology is confirmed by levels of waste stabilisation obtained by independent, accredited laboratories.

The waste substances, such as mercury, are separately incorporated inside the matrix, whereas organic compounds are strongly bound with active magnesium in EnviroMix®. This results in production of a pseudo-mineral, which dramatically reduces the quantity of contaminants penetrating to the environment, owing to the moisture repellent physical and chemical barrier.

Another advantage offered by the EnviroMix® technology, as opposed to the traditional cement-based stabilisation, which is of particular importance for reduction of greenhouse gases, is absorption of CO2 from the atmosphere in the course of transformations.
Key advantages of EnviroMix®
Neutralisation of hazardous waste, which allows to avoid high fees for dumping of waste on hazardous waste landfills or their thermal processing. High resistance to washing away of contaminants, even under unfavourable environmental conditions, as e.g. in high-acidity environments.

Low demand for stabilising material guarantees cost-effectiveness of works.

Some types of waste can be recycled into materials useful in construction.

The process can be used on a mixture of hazardous waste, sludge and post-process waters.

Our technology was tested by many independent laboratories to confirm that it meets the strictest requirements of the environmental legislation all over the world.

Our technology has undergone many tests and pilot studies in waste generating enterprises and entities engaged in neutralisation of waste.
Advantages of EnviroMix®
EnviroMix® uses conventional mixing techniques and equipment. Therefore the raw materials can be supplied on site, to be neutralised.

EnviroMix® allows safe transport of purified materials.

EnviroMix® allows dumping of waste on lower classification landfills (lower fees) or utilisation of waste on site.

Liquid waste and sludge is solidified. Clays, oils and organic waste is fixated.

EnviroMix® may be mixed with contaminated and salinated waters.

Favourable mixing proportions, as compared with other purification methods (lower cost).

Elimination of odours from the EnviroMix® process.

EnviroMix® may be used to neutralise mixed waste, with high concentration of organic and inorganic compounds.

EnviroMix® can be used to neutralise waste with high moisture contents (>70%), which reduces the need to apply a costly and time-consuming decanting (precipitation) process.

EnviroMix® can be used to neutralise ash from incineration plants, containing hazardous substances (e.g. lead), which can easily be leached.

EnviroMix® transforms the problematic sludges into safe solids, which can be removed safely.

Full immobilisation of contaminants and perfect physical parameters allow application of stabilised waste as e.g. aggregates used in construction.
Hallmarks – Advantages
Hallmark Advantage
Neutralization of hazardous waste lets us avoid high costs of storing waste at hazardous waste's storage or of thermal waste transfer. Economy within management of problematic and hazardous waste.
Technology uses standard devices that are utilized in industry. Low investment costs
Simplicity of installing solutions allows us to use technology in terms of mobile (container) installation.Low costs. Possibility of using technology in various localizations which allows, as a matter of fact, for decrease of costs.
This solution has been tested by independent laboratories and may work failure-free. Technology does not require constant control – decrease of exploitative costs.
Optimum parameters of the process on a laboratory scale are chosen to each and every waste.Installation is launched only for waste alteration which allows us to save energy.
The process uses only one stabilizing component. Decrease of costs connected with dosage and logistics.
Technological sludge is not generated throughout the process. Economy within purification of sludge.
The process is not a source of emision of dust and gas pollution to the air. Economy within exploitation of installation without the need to cover additional environmental costs.
Effectiveness of this technology allows for qualification of stabilized waste as building materials. In such a case, this solution can be perceived as waste-free technology. The process is very effective and allows for economy within waste storage. It can also give advantages in terms of materials' sale.
In the process if mixing, post-processed waters can be utilized. This solution allows for economy within the usage of bad-quality water. Owing to it, one can solve two problems as one.
This solution can be used with mixed waste of high concentration of organic and inorganic pollution.High effectiveness of a cheap process and possibility of expanding the market.
Stabilized waste can be stored in the system of high storage in any form of briquette on the pallets. Limitation of costs connected with storage and logistics.
Technology guarantees termless lack of pollution leaching into stabilized waste. This solution ensures legal safety, effectiveness of the process, and no need for further repair and additional costs.
The process can be used with waste to which no effective technologies, apart from storage, were invented (eg. building materials that include heavy metals). Possibility of expanding the market, enlarging assortment, and increasing profits.
This solution fulfils conditions of BAT technology. Facilitation of administrative procedure for getting permission.
Technology has been patented in the EU and the USA. Credible solution. In case of buing licence for a particular country, there would be no competition to face.
Technology has been initiated in many EU countries and countries beyond the EU as well. This verified technology is authentic and provides measurable profits.
Technology is in the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). Technology guarantees effectiveness.
During the process, CO2 is absorbed from the atmosphere. Possibility of promotion connected with care of environment.
This solution has been awarded in various contests and has been initiated by large, famous foreign companies in the EU and outside. These companies have been well known for their care for natural environment.Although the solution is cheap, it is exclusive and innovative as well. Thus, it provides the entrance to an exclusive group of companies.
This solution is compatible with the policy of balanced development and the waste policy that has been determined by the EU. The solution can be utilized for a longer period of time, therefore, there is no need for further investments in the future.

The stabilisation process, which forms the basis for the EnviroMix® technology, is a globally recognised technology, offering outstanding results in chemical fixation and stabilisation of hazardous waste...

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